Welcome to Bjorn, Front-end developer/Designer

My name is Bjorn Knutzen

I’m a creative based in Hoorn in the Netherlands.

I started my graphic adventure twelve years ago at Ten Klei, a graphical post processor company. Here I had the opportunity to start a course to develop my graphic skills.

Because I just loved what I was learning. My interest in design grew quickly and I specialize myself in web and print. In the past seven years I have not only boosted my design skills, but I have also become a web developer which makes me a much better web designer. And last but not least: I always keep myself up-to-date with the latest techniques. Like CSS3 and HTML5 which is leading and becoming a standard.

What makes me so unique? I have seen and experienced both the design and development side. I exactly know what is possible and can identify the pitfalls in web designing and developing.

At the moment I work for a few companies. At Bikkelhart (www.bikkelhart.com) I work here as a front-end developer. I develop websites and applications for costumers such as Allsecur, Opel, Ik investeer slim, and so on. At Noisj (www.noisj.nl) I design cover art for their digital and vinyl music releases.

Please have a look at my portfolio for further references. I also have my showreel online click here to see it.

Previously made ​​designs


Web design/front-end development:

home page

The full responsive home/start page is a simple and clear page. It contains two main options the user can choice to go to buy or rent. There is a main menu and a footer. On moblie the big footer will disappear to safe space.

The website is build with the comonent driven development method. That means that every single thing is an component and can be used every where else on the website.

Offer page

The offer overview page contains filters wich directly changes the content. The filters disappear on mobile but with a single click on the button the are back full screen.

object detail

Object detail page. Here i used an accordion to safe space. Wich is realy easy to use. There is a two- division made between two tabs. Overview and photos and maps. Each contains there own exclusive content


The form's are desktop and mobile friendly to use.

Want to see it in real life. Click on the following link: Rental-portal.

Het mauritshuis


Web design/front-end development:


Desktop website. The website is a full responsive website, The website offers the opportunity to experience the Mauritshuis digital. Many masterpieces and information there is there to find and to explore.

Its build with a custom boodstrap frame work. Its also made with the component driven development method.


Mobile version. The website is responsive and transforms to a different viewport.


The collection detail page.


The collection detail overview page.

Like to see the whole site?. Click on the following link: www.mauritshuis.nl


Responsive Webdesign:

Het mauritshuis

Homepage desktop.


Homepage mobiledevice.

Het mauritshuis

Digimo media

Graphic design:





Adquick is a subsidiary of Digimo media


Webdesign and development:

Probiblio overview

The first page contain's all the applications and instructions.

Probiblio detail page

Here is an example of a detailed page with a view options.

Probiblio mobile

This software is also responsive. You have the option of using it on desktop, Tablet, And even a phone.





Homepage page. This page contains the option of filtering by biketype and it also has a section of 4 of the lates news items in the bike world.


Webshop is smooth and clean. The big squers has short info about each bike. If you click it you wil go the the items detail page.


Contact page. Its a simpel and clean page with a google maps area with the adress.

Van Ingen


van ingen
van ingen home page

The homepage wich contains a slider with the latest products. A full with background to keep de site spacy.

van ingen page

Onlinestore, Here you can scroll or slide to the different product. If you select a product will the selected item been shot under the carrousel.

van ingen contact page

Contact page width an iframe to google maps.

Arrow jazz fm

Arrowjazz FM

Webdesign and development:


The Funkyspring edition.


The SummerVibe.

GCU Heineken

Graphic design:

gcu logo
GCU Heineken

Welcomslide for the Brand positioning. The module Brand positioning let students learn how to become a brand. What is a brand and how to stay on that position. They will also learn to creat a Brand story and how to pass on thier story.

GCU Heineken

The agenda of the chapters that belong to Brandpositioning.
The agenda is arangeable on how the GCU whats it to be.

GCU Heineken

The client created an istruction. My role was is to make it in a better nicer style that fits in the GCU style. But the slide must be still editable.

GCU Heineken

Explenation of what the client wants and on the right the final design.

GCU Heineken

And what it finaly looks like. The slides are empty. The content can be placed bij the teacher. Also the teacher can rearrange the slides.

Taste's like more?. Click on the following links: Brandpositioning webcase. And the digital marketing will be found here: Digitalmarketing webcase.

qkhack reborn

Qkhack Reborn

Graphic design:

noisj artwork

The start of the project.

noisj artwork

Some edit.

noisj artwork

Final state of the head.

noisj artwork

Close up on the eyes.

noisj artwork

The complete vinyl cover.


Webdesign and development:

Nivea pure and natural

Product overview.Hover over one of the product's. And a flag wil apear with short info. If you click the item you wil go to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).


Frequently Asked Questions. Click on a topic in one of the three pillars and the answer will appear underneath it.

Maaslander valt in de smaak


Webdesign and development:


Maaslandervaltindesmaak.nl was an adeptive website. On mobile you directly see the achievement that where sendt in. The desktop version had a shortlist of achievement's and an explenation on what the and how you can win a complete Maaslander cheese.


On desktop there was a special page where the achievement's where shown. There whas alsow an option to vote, The one with the most votes was the winne of a whole cheese.


Subscribe page Desktop versions.


The mobile versions of the subscribe and privacy page.


Work experience:

2016-present: Bikkelhart.

Front-end Developer.

2013-present: NOISJ Publishing.

Graphic Designer.

2015-2016: Batavia groep.

Webdesigner/Front-end Developer.

2011-2015 Basket Builders.

Webdesigner/Front-end Developer.

2010-2011: Digimo Media.

Trainee Graphic Design.

2000-2010: Several graphic companies.

Graphic post processor stitching/folding.


2007-2011: Media college Amsterdam.

Education: HBO, Webdesign.

Subjects: Designing various websites for HTML and CSS purposes.

Education: MBO, Graphic Designer.

Subjects: Graphic design Typography DTP.

2004-2005: Leidse Onderwijsinstellingen (LOI)

Education: MBO, Basic Diploma advertising signs/DTP.

Subjects: Designing various promotional materials.

2001-2004: Media college Amsterdam.

Education: MBO, General graphics skills and general graphic post processor.

Subjects: Learn all the ways that graphic products needs to go both web and print.

1996-2000: PSG Koogmolen.

Education: VMBO, AVMB (General Secondary Vocational education)

Subjects: Learning different subjects including, Technology, Visual Arts Administration and Care.




Photoshop, Illustrator, After effects, Premiere, Indesign.

Code editing:

Notepad++, Visual studio, Dreamweaver, file zilla, fire bug.

Content management systems (CMS):

Adobe incontext editing, Sitecore, Umbraco, Dotnet Toolbox, Contribute.



HTML(5), CSS(3) LESS and SASS, Flash.
CSS methodology's: CDD Component Driven Development, BEM Block Element Modifier

Click here for my full resume (Only available in Dutch).


Personal info

Name: Bjorn Knutzen

Birthday: 17 april

Nationality: Dutch


Jan doustraat 19

1689 XK Zwaag

E-mail and Phone number