Welcome to Bjorn, Front-end developer/Designer

My name is Bjorn Knutzen

I’m a creative based in Hoorn in the Netherlands.

I started my graphic adventure twelve years ago at Ten Klei, a graphical post processor company. Here I had the opportunity to start a course to develop my graphic skills.

Because I just loved what I was learning. My interest in design grew quickly and I specialize myself in web and print. In the past seven years I have not only boosted my design skills, but I have also become a web developer which makes me a much better web designer. And last but not least: I always keep myself up-to-date with the latest techniques. Like CSS3 and HTML5 which is leading and becoming a standard.

What makes me so unique? I have seen and experienced both the design and development side. I exactly know what is possible and can identify the pitfalls in web designing and developing.

At the moment I work for a few companies. At Bikkelhart (www.bikkelhart.com) I work here as a front-end developer. I develop websites and applications for costumers such as Allsecur, Opel, Ik investeer slim, and so on. At Noisj (www.noisj.nl) I design cover art for their digital and vinyl music releases.

Please have a look at my portfolio for further references. I also have my showreel online click here to see it.


Work experience:

2017-present: Picturae.

Webdigner and Front-end Developer.

2016-2017: Bikkelhart.

Front-end Developer.

2013-present: NOISJ Publishing.

Graphic Designer.

2015-2016: Batavia groep.

Webdesigner/Front-end Developer.

2011-2015 Basket Builders.

Webdesigner/front-end Web Developer.

2010-2011: Digimo Media.

Trainee Graphic Design.

2000-2010: Several graphic companies.

Graphic post processor stitching/folding.


2007-2011: Media college Amsterdam.

Education: HBO, Webdesign.

Subjects: Designing various websites for HTML and CSS purposes.

Education: MBO, Graphic Designer.

Subjects: Graphic design Typography DTP.

2004-2005: Leidse Onderwijsinstellingen (LOI)

Education: MBO, Basic Diploma advertising signs/DTP.

Subjects: Designing various promotional materials.

2001-2004: Media college Amsterdam.

Education: MBO, General graphics skills and general graphic post processor.

Subjects: Learn all the ways that graphic products needs to go both web and print.

1996-2000: PSG Koogmolen.

Education: VMBO, AVMB (General Secondary Vocational education)

Subjects: Learning different subjects including, Technology, Visual Arts Administration and Care.




Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, After effects, Premiere, Indesign.

Code editing:

Notepad++, Visual studio, Dreamweaver, file zilla, fire bug.

Content management systems (CMS):

Adobe incontext editing, Sitecore, Umbraco, Dotnet Toolbox, Contribute.



HTML(5), CSS(3) LESS and SASS, jQuery, Flash.
CSS methodology's: CDD Component Driven Development, BEM Block Element Modifier



Personal info

Name: Bjorn Knutzen

Birthday: 17 april

Nationality: Dutch


Jan doustraat 19

1689 XK Zwaag

E-mail and Phone number